Luofan Shu is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at The Graduate Center, City University of New York, focusing on Learning, Development, and Instruction. Before starting her doctoral studies, Luofan earned a Master’s degree in business Intelligence and Analytics from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, and a Bachelor’s degree in Bio-technology from Jiangxi Agricultural University, China.

Her academic journey is complemented by a diverse set of technical skills, including expertise in Python, R, and Web Scraping, with certifications such as the Stanford SQL Certificate. In addition to her academic pursuits, Luofan brings forth valuable practical experiences. As a Marketing Analyst, she analyzed and recommended pricing strategies, developed marketing activities for customer expansion, and implemented marketing tools to support promotional projects. Her international experience as a Store Manager involved researching customer preferences, monitoring marketing trends, and overseeing the total performance of multiple stores.

Furthermore, Luofan has served as a Research Assistant in the U.S., contributing to projects on computational thinking and project-based learning opportunities with a focus on STEM and non-STEM students. Her role included conducting focus groups and providing support in quantitative analysis.

These professional and academic experiences have shaped Luofan’s holistic approach to education. Her main research interests include metacognition, self-assessment, feedback, and emotion. Her overarching goal is to contribute to the enhancement of educational experiences, particularly by assisting learners in understanding how to utilize their knowledge to regulate their behavior and achieve self-regulated learning.