Abir Bousaid is a PhD Candidate in Educational Psychology program at CUNY Graduate center. She holds Master’s in School Leadership and Elementary and Special Education. Throughout her career, Abir has gained extensive experience in STEM education, having served as a STEM teacher to students with special needs. She has designed and implemented project-based learning experiences that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity through outdoor learning and horticultural education. Her experience has enabled her to develop a deep understanding of the importance of inclusive and innovative learning environments that foster student growth and success.

As a seasoned educator, Abir has also served as an Instructional Coach, supporting teachers in improving their instructional practices and student outcomes. Her duties involved observing and providing feedback on teaching strategies, modeling best practices, and collaborating with teachers to develop lesson plans and curriculum. During the pandemic, she supported teachers in integrating technology into their practice, using digital platforms, and designing culturally responsive lessons.

In addition, Abir has also served as a Unit Coordinator in District 75 school, where she effectively managed schedules, coordinated staff support, and facilitated professional development workshops. With her diverse experience in special education, leadership, and instructional coaching, Abir is well-positioned to leverage her expertise to explore the psychological factors that influence student learning and achievement as a PhD candidate in Educational Psychology. Her research interests lie at the intersection of educational psychology, special education, culturally responsive teaching practices, and teachers’ feedback. Ultimately, Abir aims to become a leader in the field of Educational Psychology, driving systemic change and promoting educational equity for all students.